Posted by: silentj | August 22, 2009


Let me just get this out of the way immediately: I am way less science-y or professor-like than Derek, and probably less also than any other contributor to this blog.  However, I may also be the only one here for whom the title of “doctor” will not include air quotes in verbal description.  So y’all can just suck on my big M.D.

Yes, anyway, now that that’s out of the way.  Hello.  My name is Arija.  For information on how to pronounce that, please refer to the “about me” section of my personal blog.  I am a Yale graduate with a degree in anthropology, former literary agent, onetime perpetuator of sublimely stupid internet memes, expert children wrangler, and now a first year medical student with the white coat — embroidered — to prove it.

I’m an avid fan of books, more as collector pieces than actual reading — I do most of my reading on the internet and in expensive paperbacks with titles like “Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems” (Haines 2007).  I’m an inveterate consumer of science fiction; I prefer the space/aliens/future face-eating technology subgenres, but I’m curious about almost all of it.  Except for the vampire shit.  I can’t stand that garbage.  Also steampunk.  What the fuck?  I also live and die for karaoke and grueling bike rides.

Medically, I’m most interested in women’s health, especially as it relates to elementary and secondary education — I’m really excited to get religion and its evil spawn, abstinence-only sex education, out of American public schools forever.  At this point, I’m most strongly considering a residency in pediatrics and/or adolescent medicine.  That’s right, I want to deal with your slutty, cranky 13-year-olds; in fact, I can’t wait to.  I am constantly amazed at the negative reaction I get to this statement, to which I reply with incredulity, “What are you gaining by criticizing this?  Wouldn’t you rather send your kids to someone who actually wants to deal with them?” I’m also, like many people who lived in the squalid real world for a while before returning to the warm breast of academia, interested in extending health coverage to everyone, or at least in a more egalitarian fashion.  Feel free to ask me my opinions on health care reform.  Let me just catch up on my reading first.

I currently live in a city I like to call New England’s Rising Shithole, drive a really stupid car that I have a lot of affection for, drink coffee with cream and no sugar, shy away from physical contact and affection, and prefer my iPhone to human company.  I’ve tried to classify my personality according to the Myers-Briggs test several times but am always frustrated at having to choose between only two answers, neither of which ever accurately describes my brain.  I consider myself intelligent and love being in the company of even more intelligent folks, hence my participation in this blog which I’m guessing will be spotty, but I’m really trying, no seriously guys.  Please call me out on my shit, as I’ll be doing the same for you.



  1. As a mad scientist, I believe I deserve a white coat, as well. I think I’m going to buy my own.

    I’ll be shouting “I’M A DOCTOR DAMNIT” without air quotes from my ivory tower soon enough.

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