This blog is a collaborative effort amongst friends who are entering, or about to enter grad school. Some for the first time, some for the second time! We’re a group of opinionated and educated pre-professionals who love the internetz. We have many similarities and differences of opinion, background, education and view point of the world.

This blog will be the record of us going through the maturation process of pre-professional to almost-professional to professional. Hopefully.

We’ll probably give up on this blog long before that even occurs, though.



  1. I’m Derek. I fly under the moniker “dearsomething”.

    About me professionally/personally: I have a BS and a MS in Computer Science. I’m currently working on my PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience. I spent 5ish years with the SimCalc Projects/Kaput Center. My role was never rigorously defined. I’m robusty.

    My interests have been, and are, neuro-centric. I have published work in the following topics: artificial neural networks, machine learning, Alzheimer’s, math education and microRNA/cancer analysis.

    My growing interests are in (neurological bases of/education with respect to) autism spectrum disorder, neuro-degenerative diseases, learning, memory, east vs. west cognition, quantitative methods and neural models.

    I’m a part of this blog for semi-selfish reasons: I want to record how I grow. But I also see it as a place to be able to generate discussion about many topics that I am deeply passionate about, including math/science education, US culture/society/politics and BRAINZZZZ.

    I love craft beer. I really, really love craft beer.

  2. My name is Ryan and I’m an Undeclared Scientist.

    Professionally I’m a Computer Scientist (BS/MS), adjunct-faculty member at UMASS Dartmouth and a Research Associate at the Kaput Center. More accurately, however, my academic and professional interests result from the following recipe:

    1 tblsp information architecture
    2 cups education research
    1 cup machine learning
    4 tblsp technology
    3 tsp music
    1 cup formal methods
    penchant for sarcasm to taste

    Put all ingredients into a hobo sack and shake. I should pop out of that after a minute or so.

    Due to my eclectic makeup, I am currently on the fence about where I go next. A Ph.D. is in the future but the (multi-)discipline has yet to be determined. This blog is my new internet home to engage/start fights discussions, which ultimately will help me towards a direction…or not.

    also, i dig craft beer…f’realz

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